Irish moss (Canadian Chondrus™ for beer brewing)

Canadian Chondrus™ acts as a clarifying agent due to its ability to combine with protein. During the boiling process, the ions of Canadian Chondrus™ attract the charged ions of the wort to form insoluble complexes that fall
out of solution as the settling process continues in the kettle or whirlpool tank. The large flocs pull out other particles improving the clarification. Canadian Chondrus™ also contributes to a cleaner fermentation by facilitating the
release of carbon dioxide from the yeast cell wall during active fermentation.

3.66 34.11 

Packaging size 30g, 100g or 1kg
Storage Store in a cool dry place
Texture Dry, brittle
Ingredients Helps in the precipitation of proteins (the so called cold break and hot break). Add towards the end of hop boiling.
Dosage 5 g / 25 l of wort.

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