The KeyKeg system protects beer, wine, cider and soft drinks and extends their shelf life. The advanced design offers plenty of opportunities for breaking into new markets and serving them more efficiently. Please contact us if you need more information.

  • Lightweight – 1.20 kg
  • Double-Wall™ technology (Strength by Separation)
  • Resistant to higher pressures
  • Recyclable
  • Very stable, stacks easily
  • Ideal shape for end users
  • Fitting works with the universal KeyKeg coupler
  • Can be printed to accommodate your own house style
  • Suitable for controlled secondary fermentation
  • Clear instructions and safety warnings
  • Fits any dispensing installation
  • Ideal shape for transport and storage

Available only for local pickup, if you are looking for a delivery, contact us: [email protected]

19.40 21.95 

Width 24 – 30 cm
Height 57.2 cm
Length 24.66 cm
Weight 1.2-1.5 kg
Head Type K
Sizes 20l or 30l
Bag Yes
Usage Beer, wine, cider, soft drinks, cocktails, coffee, juices