PolyKeg specialise in the production of large one-way PET kegs, for different applications in the draft beverage sector. PolyKeg’s experience and constant research make range of kegs ultra-innovative, extremely safe and of high quality.

The kegs are suitable for a wide range of carbonated/non-carbonated products, such as beer, wine, soft-drinks, cider, etc. They preserve the aroma and taste of the product, thanks to a high O2/CO2 barrier and light protection. UV light and visible blue light won’t penetrate your precious drinks.

  • Single use, one-way keg in PET
  • High CO2 barrier
  • O2-free (*)
  • Wide application possibilities: beer, wine, cider, soft drinks, cocktails, juices, coffee
  • Stackable
  • High pressure resistance
  • Strong impact resistance; the keg remains intact after a fall from a height of 2 metres
  • Full traceability
  • Fully sustainable
  • Easy to disassemble after use

Available only for local pickup, if you are looking for a delivery, contact us: [email protected]

18.42 20.72 

Width 24.66 cm
Height 56.90 cm
Length 24.66 cm
Weight 1.17 kg
Head Type K (Keykeg) for S head contact us.
Sizes 20l or 30l
Bag Yes
Usage Beer, wine, cider, soft drinks, cocktails, coffee, juices

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