Wort chiller SST, welded, 24 plates

With this device, consisting of 24 stainless steel plates, you can cool 40 litres of hot wort to 20°C in barely 10 minutes using plain gravity (no extra pump needed). You will not disturb the precipitation of the hot trub and because of the quick cooling, you prevent contaminating your wort. The chiller is easy to use and to clean, the water consumption is limited and the connections are standard (¾”). A must-have for the home brewer who aims to achieve the highest quality.

The chiller includes tube-holders (12 mm) and user manual, hoses are excluded. The hose, which is most suitable for conveying hot wort is our silicone hose (see accessories). For cold water, we recommend the PVC hose (see accessories).

Do not immerse.

82.29  (67.45  tax excluded)

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