Extra Pale Ale Malt

Traditional but light, high extract British base malt.

Extra Pale Ale Malt is an excellent base malt for Brewers who require a low colour, well modified malt. The plump grains of UK two-row barley ensure uniformity and consistency, as well as good extract and enzymic activity. If you’re limited on base malt storage, Extra Pale Ale Malt doubles as a great light-coloured base for both Lagers and Ales.

3.70 42.09 

Beer Styles
Light Coloured Ales and Lagers, All-Rounder
Malt Flavour
Rich Malty
Up to 100%
Moisture % Max 3.7
Extract lt°/kg (7Dry) Min 305
Colour °EBC Min 2.4 Max 4.5