Imperial Malt

A massive malt with depth of colour, flavour and aroma.

Our Imperial Malt imparts a full-bodied flavour and biscuit aroma. The warm brown notes it adds to the wort intensify the depth of colour, without compromising enzymic activity.

3.68 41.93 

Beer Styles
Light Ales, Brown Ales, Porter and Stout
Malt Flavour
Biscuit Dry Sweetness (Honey/Plums), Bread Crust
Up to 20% in Light Ales to enhance flavour, Up to 50% in Brown Ales & Porters, Up to 80% in Dark Beers & Stouts
Moisture % Max 3.5
Extract lt°/kg (7Dry) Min 280
Colour °EBC Min 40 Max 50