Weyermann® Melanoidin Malt

The beer color is intensified and receives a dark red shine.
Made from the finest German quality brewing barley. Due to our special manufacturing process, melanoidin malt can be used to intensify and stabilize the tasting profile and flavor in beer.

  • Light Lager; for flavour and color enhancement for adjunct beers
  • Amber Lager; International Amber Lager, Maerzen, Bamberger Rauchbier, Vienna Lager, Kellerbier, Franconian Rotbier, Scandinavian Red Lager
  • Dark Lager; International Dark Lager, Munich Dunkel
  • Bock; Dark Bock, Double Bock
  • Pale Ale; Session Pale Ale
  • IPA; Red IPA, Session IPA
  • Amber Ale; Scottish Light, Irish Red Ale, Belgian Dubbel, Altbier
  • Porter; English Porter
  • Strong Ale; English Barley Wine, American Strong Ale, American Barley Wine, Wheat Wine, Imperial Red Ale
  • Sour Ale; Flanders Red Ale

Sensory: pronounced honey and biscuit notes

4.10 46.74 

Beer Styles
Special malt for reddish and dark beer styles.
Pronounced honey and biscuit notes
Up to 20%
Moisture content 0 4.5
Lovibond 23.1 30.6
Colour °EBC 60.0 Min 80.0 Max