Weyermann® Pale Ale Malt

Special brew malt for light and dark beer styles
Made from the finest German quality brewing barley. Produces excellent lighter ales or top-fermented beers. This malt is particularly suitable for an isothermal mashing process.

  • Pale Lager; India Pale Lager
  • Pale Ale; Cream Ale, British Golden Ale, Australian Sparkling Ale, American and Belgian Pale Ales, Summer Ale, English Summer Ale, Juicy Pale Ale, Hazy Pale Ale, Session Pale Ale
  • IPA; English, American, Belgian, Brown, Rye, Whit and Double IPAs as well as Juicy IPA, Hazy IPA and NEIPA, Session IPA, Black IPA
  • Amber Ale; Ordinary Bitter, Best Bitter, Strong Bitter, Extra Special Bitter, Irish Red Ale, American Red Ale, California Common, Biére de Garde, English Pale Mild Ale
  • Brown Ale; Dark Mild, British Brown Ale, English Dark Mild Ale
  • Porter; English Porter, American Porter, Brown Porter, Robust Porter, Imperial Porter
  • Stout; Stout, Imperial Stout
  • Strong Ale; Scotch Ale, English Barley Wine, British Strong Ale, American Strong Ale, Belgian Dark Strong Ale or Quadrupel
  • Historical Beer; German Rye Beer

Sensory: fine notes of bread, with hints of dried fruits and honey

3.62 41.24 

Beer Styles
Base malt for light and dark beer styles; Pale Lager, Pilsener, Wheat Beer…
Fine notes of bread, with hints of dried fruits and honey
Up to 100%
Moisture content 0 5
Lovibond 2.5 3.3
Colour °EBC 5.5 Min 7.5 Max