Antifoam FD20PK (5kg)

Although it may be surprise to some, correct Antifoam FD20PK use actually improves final beer foam. Our food grade formulation has versatile applications and is highly effective at low rates. It can be used in the kettle or fermentation vessels and is classed as a processing aid, as it does not carry over to the final product with standard beer processing and usage rates. 

  • Available in easy-to-use emulsion from
  • Controls over foaming at wort boiling and fermentation
  • Enables higher rates of evaporation while wort boiling
  • Provides better control of spirit distillation
  • Prevents loss of hop bittering substances
  • Improves Alpha-acid utilisation
  • Prevents expensive wort losses and unhygienic spillages
  • Increases fermentation capacity
  • Maximises CO2 recovery

Antifoam TDS

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