Weyermann® Vienna Malt

Ideal for brewing gold-colored beers and promoting a full-body in the beer.
Made from the finest German quality brewing barley.

  • Pale Lager; Festbier
  • Amber Lager; Maerzen, Kellerbeer, Smoked beer
  • Dark Lager; Munich Dunkel, Czech Dark Lager, Schwarzbier
  • Bock; Dark Double Bock
  • IPA; Black IPA, Imperial PA
  • Amber Ale; Biére de Garde
  • Brown Ale; British Brown Ale
  • Porter; Baltic Porter, English Porter, American Porter, Imperial Porter
  • Stout; Russian Imperial Stout
  • Sour Ale; Flanders Red Ale

Sensory: malty-sweet, light honey and nutty notes

3.62 41.24 

Beer Styles
Special brew malt for light and dark beer styles.
Malty-sweet, light honey and nutty notes
Up to 100%
Moisture content 0 5.5
Lovibond 2.7 3.8
Colour °EBC 6.0 Min 9.0 Max