LalBrew Pomona™ Modern Hybrid IPA Yeast

LalBrew Pomona™ is a hybrid yeast that was selected for flavor and fermentation performance in hoppybeers. Named after the goddess of fruit trees, LalBrew Pomona™ produces a unique and juicy flavor profile with notes of peach, citrus, and tropical fruits. This strain was developed by our partner Escarpment Laboratories (Canada) using advanced yeast breeding and adaptive laboratory evolution in high ABV and highly hopped IPA fermentations. The result is a fruity, stress-tolerant, and robust strain that enhances biotransformation and haze for modern IPA styles.

Technical Data Sheet



3.29 138.52 

Percent solids 93% – 96%
Viability ≥ 1 x 10°9 / g
Wild Yeast < 1 per 10°6 yeast cells
Diastaticus Negative in1g (by qPCR after enrichment)
Bacteria < 1 per 10°6 yeast cells