Rhön Malz Weizen

Wheat malt is used mainly for wheat beers and some other top fermented beers.

Used at up to 70% as a base malt for Wheat Beer, it imparts a bready flavour. You can use in any beer style to add sweetness and develop smooth or complex flavors. This malt also works great for improved body, foam and foam retention, flavor, and color.

2.44 26.57 

Prikaži košarico
Beer Styles
Wheat Beers, IPAs, Pale Ales, Low Alcohol Beers
Malt Flavour
5-15% in Bitter, Scotch Ale, White IPA, 50-70% in Wheat Beers
Moisture % Max 4.5
Extract lt°/kg (7Dry) Min 300
Colour °EBC Min 3 Max 5