Dextrin Malt

Adds body to beers.

A handy little tool to keep up your sleeve, Dextrin Malt can be used sparingly to add body, mouthfeel and foam stability to any beer. Particularly useful in very light, hop forward IPAs to balance bitterness, it’s great in lower attenuated sweet beers, such as Mild and Sweet Stout.

3.68 42.00 

Beer Styles
Dark, Mild and Sweet Stout
Malt Flavour
Mouthfeel and Foam
Up to 5% to Improve Mouthfeel and Foam Stability in any Beer 10–20% in Dark Mild and Sweet Stout
Moisture % Max 7
Extract lt°/kg (7Dry) Min 260
Colour °EBC Min 1.3 Max 1.6