Torrified Wheat

Torrified Wheat is a soft wheat grain improves the body, foam stability and fullness of beer.

Torrified wheat is a pre-gelatinized unmalted brewers wheat that can be used as a cereal grain/adjunct in the mash, and can replace malted wheat if you desire. Increases body and head retention, as well as adding a very slight toasted flavor.
Torrified wheat doess a better job for head retention than normal wheat malt and leaves much less of a noticeable wheat flavor.

3.95 34.32 

Beer Styles
It is usually added in small percentages, especially in traditional English Ales and bitters.
Malt Flavour
Used to improve foam stability and mouthfeel.
5 – 10%
Moisture % Max
Extract lt°/kg (7Dry) Min
Colour °EBC Min 2.5 Max 5