Weyermann® CaraHell®

Our special manufacturing process achieves almost complete caramelization of the grain.
CARAHELL® helps to improve foam and its stability, and helps improve the mouthfeel of any beer. 

  • Pale Lager; Munich Helles, Pale Kellerbier, Dortmunder Export, India Pale Lager
  • Amber Lager; International Amber Lager, Bamberger Maerzen Rauchbier
  • Strong Lager; Imperial Pilsener
  • Pale Ale; Cream Ale, British Golden Ale, Summer Ale, English Summer Ale, Australian Sparkling Ale, Blonde Ale, American Pale Ale, Session Pale Ale
  • IPA; English, American, Belgian and Double IPA, Session IPA, Black IPA
  • Amber Ale; Ordinary Bitter (Golden Ale, Summer Ale, Golden Bitter), English Pale Mild Ale
  • Brown Ale; English Dark Mild Ale
  • Strong Ale; Belgian Golden Strong Ale
  • Wheat Beer; Weissbier, Hefeweizen, Leichtes Weizen, Kristal Weizen, Bernsteinfarbenes Weissbier, Gueuze, Gose, Bamberg Weizen Rauchbier

Sensory: malty-sweet; fine caramel notes

4.26 48.52 

Beer Styles
Caramel malt for full-bodied beer styles.
Malty-sweet, fine caramel notes
Up to 10-15% (for specialty beers: up to 30%)
Moisture content 0 9
Lovibond 8.0 11.8
Colour °EBC 20.0 Min 30.0 Max